No, 39  (December, 2004)
Pheasant Hunt

  Pheasant hunting season has begun in Primorye. In spring pheasant hunt is prohibited. Due to the drop in number it is under protection and hunting it is illegal in most regions. And in some regions where the shoot is allowed it has time and methods limits.
  The main way to hunt for pheasant is dog hunt. Usually
dog hunt for pheasant goes like this: dog when finding pheasant track chases the running bird and hunter follows the dog getting ready to shoot. The more energetic is the chase the sooner bird takes off and is shot.
  But dog is necessary not just to make the bird take off but also to find the shot bird and bring it to the hunter or to catch the injured one. The point is that in most cases the bird falls into bushes so dense that to find it even in a day-light is extremely hard if one doesn’t have a dog.
  Dog hunt is the best in the morning or in the evening for when it is hot bird is usually hiding in shadow places. And shooting birds in dense bushes when it suddenly appears flying is simply impossible. Dog hunt in rainy weather is also not advisable, as pheasants don’t fly when it rains.  To shoot pheasant in rare bushes is quite simply; it takes off like a rocket being at this moment a perfect aim.
  Some hunters look for pheasants without dog. Methods to do this are as follows: morning and evening shooting from an ambush near the place where birds feed; looking for birds that are sitting on trees or got ready for the night; chasing birds onto the chain of shooters, or tracking them down on snow. In places rich in pheasants hunters sometimes check the place to find birds.
  Number of pheasants permitted to be shot in the regions where the hunt is allowed is strictly limited. When hunting for pheasant a hunter-sportsman must follow all existing roles of sport hunt to save and enlarge the number of such a great wild fowl as pheasant.